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Dynamiko Food Ingredients employs a tight-knit team that work together, “out-of-the-box” and beyond the call of duty, to maintain the high standards we have set ourselves in achieving the optimum service, quality & delivery for our clients.

About us

DYNAMIKO FOOD INGREDIENTS is the distributor for AFRICAN FOOD INGREDIENTS (AFI) – a division of the Synercore group of companies.

We supply AFI’s full range of products such as SACCO starter cultures for the dairy industry, stabilisers, emulsifiers, preservatives, pectins, & enzymes and more.

We also supply a large range of other products related to various food industries, plus commodity & miscellaneous items related to the food industry as a whole. We service the dairy, ice cream, beverage, bakery, peanut butter & jam industries and many more.

We strive to build an honest and transparent relationship with all our clients, in order to assist them in producing the best finished products possible.

Our product development team has the technical expertise and facilities to formulate & adjust recipes to our customers’ specifications, as we always keep up to date with the latest developments in food science and technology. We also assist with a number of different things such trial runs & technical support where needed.

We have a large support network with Synercore in terms of application specialist who can assist when necessary.

This distributorship agreement with AFI includes partnerships with:

SACCO who can provide a variety of different cultures such as starter cultures, protective cultures and much more. More info>>

Clerici is the one of the largest producers of rennet & coagulants in the world.
More info>>

Futura , one of the markets leader in Emulsifiers and Stabilizers for a variety of different food industries. More info>>

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