Lab & Testing Equipment

3 M Petrifilms

To test and count the microorganisms in your products the following is available :

  • E.coli / Coliform (EC)
    25 sheets in one pack
  • Aerobic Count Plate (AC)
    50 sheets in one pack
  • Yeast and Mould Count Plate (YM)
    50 Sheets in one pack

For more information contact office

Alizarol Solution 68 % & 80 %

Reagent used to test acceptability of raw milk

Available in 5 L

pH Buffer solution 4 & 7

Used to calibrate pH metres

Available in a 500 ml bottle

pH Cleaning Solution

Solution to clean pH metre

Available in 500 ml bottle

pH Storage solution

Use to protect electrodes against the elements

Available in 500 ml bottle

pH strips

To test the acidity of milk and other products

Available in 10 in a box or 100 per box

Phosphatase test strips

Use for testing of pasteurization

Available in a box of 50 strips


Colour indicator for titration

Available in 500 ml bottle

Sodium Hydroxide Liquid 0.1 Normal

Available in 1 L

Glass thermometer

-10 ° C to 110 ° C

Glass thermometer used to measure temperature for certain products

Pipette 3 ml Plastic Pasteur

Pipette Serological – 10 ml

Disinfectant & Sanitizers

Wide variety of disinfectants & Sanitisers available, contact office for more information

Airzone Air Purifier range

Air purifiers that can be used in almost any space such as Offices, homes, restaurants, doctor’s rooms warehouses and many more, contact the office for more information.
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