Protective Cultures

Protective cultures that inhibit the growth of unwanted organisms.

Halaal Approved


Kosher Approved

Lyofast LRB

Fights psychotropic bacteria which means it protects the proteins in milk – needs to be added as soon as possible to raw milk. It’s a natural product – a live freeze dried culture
Benefits :
  • Increases shelf life on fresh milk
  • Increases yield of cheeses
  • Better foaming capability in fresh milk
  • Improves the overall quality of fermented milk products
Sizes :
  • 1 D packet – suitable to inoculate 1 500 L of milk
  • 5 D packet – suitable to inoculate 7 500 L of milk
  • 10 D packet – suitable to inoculate 15 000 L of milk

Lyofast LPRA

A natural live freeze-dried culture which is used to protect against yeast & mould in your dairy products. Easy to use, just add the protective culture with your starter culture when making your product such as cheese or yoghurt.

  • 1 D packet – suitable for 100 L to 200 L of milk
  • 5 D packet – suitable for 500 L to 1 000 L of milk
  • 10 D packet – suitable for 1 000 L to 2 000 L of milk
  • 50 D packet – suitable for 5 000 L to 10 000 L of milk


  • Inhibits the growth of yeast & mould
  • Improves overall quality of end products
  • Improves shelf life of your end products

Lyofast BGP 1

Consists of Lactobacillus paracasei, often used in probiotic products. A protective culture that helps to prevent cheese from blowing, particularly in semi hard and pasta filata style cheeses that is caused by heterofermentative lactobacilli which causes gas production in cheeses.

An extra incentive to add the BGP 1 protective culture is that it results in improved flavour in products.

Can also be used in meats

Size:  10 D packet – suitable for 500 to 1 000 L of milk.

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